Indoor Rock Climbing at Bloc 11

There’s a first time for everything – the Table Bay Rovers decided to pick up a new skill and attempt indoor climbing. This is a cool activity for indoors when the weather is too hot outside, and we had quite a turnout in the Cape Town heat. We were lucky enough to try out a free beginners climbing course at Cape Town newest climbing gym, Bloc 11, and would strongly recommend it to anyone curious to give climbing a try.

We met up with the 1st Pinelands Rovers and together throughout the day we learned the basics of climbing and gave it out best attempt – while those of us who were already proficient climbers raced to the top of the wall. The beginner walls were about 4.5 to 5 meters tall and, even though it did not look that tall being above the ground, it was extremely high for us newbies. The instructor in charge gave us some great tips and easy ways to climb and jump down – and we managed to earn her confidence our climbing abilities. This will definitely be a repeat event for us in the future.

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