What is Rovering?

“Rover Scouting is a Brotherhood of the open air and of service, the purpose of which is: to provide encouragement for the self-training of Rovers in citizenship and service; to encourage Rovers to pursue careers useful to themselves, and to render service to the Scout Movement and the community” – these are the words used by Baden-Powell to describe Rovers, at their inception almost 100 years ago. This original idea is still very much alive, and here at Table Bay Rovers we put this into practice via a fun and fulfilling programme, following the 3 pillars of Service.

Rovers are groups of young men and women (aged 18-30), organised into Crews which vary in size from a handful of members to twenty or more. Most Crews meet to enjoy social activities, fun, adventure, and once-in-a-life-time experiences – with a highly flexible program to suit our members schedules. Rovers are independent and resourceful so every Crew tailors its own activities to the requirements of its members. Each Crew is also responsible for setting its own entry requirements and program goals. A true Rover strives to serve the community, make life-long friends, and seize every available opportunity.