CW12 Catapult Competition

The CW12 Catapult Competition is an annual pioneering competition, designed to tests the teamwork, planning and ingenuity of the local Scout Troops. It is run by 1st Table View Scout Group and the Table Bay Rover Crew at Dolphin Beach, Bloubergstrand.


Competition Rules:

  1. The catapult is to be at least 4 meters in height.
  2. It is to be constructed by Scouts only, although adult moral support is allowed.
  3. It is to be constructed with pioneering poles, lashing ropes and a single metal holder for the projectile.
  4. The catapult is freestanding, and not anchored into the ground.
  5. All construction must take place at the site, and cannot begin before the official competition starting time.
  6. No elastic, mechanical, spring or other non-human propulsion is allowed.
  7. Penalty points will be awarded for catapults not conforming to the above, and teams may be disqualified if deemed to be cheating or if their catapult is deemed unsafe.
  8. The ‘construction’ component is marked on the following criteria:
    1. Correct/neat lashings
    2. Tight lashings
    3. Structural stability
    4. Height/disallowed items
  9. The throw distance is taken as a straight line distance from the front of the catapult to the final resting place of the thrown projectile.
    1. The projectile is a non-aerodynamic 150mm diameter beanbag of approximately 1-2kg mass.
    2. 1 practice throw is allowed.
    3. 2 throws ‘for points are allowed’ – the furthest is counted for victory.
    4. The second throw distance is used to resolve any ties.


Congrats to all the teams who took part in the 2016 event. The final placings are:

Pos. Throw Distance m Construction Quality pts
1st 1st Monte Vista 37/32 1st Milnerton Sea Scouts 74
2nd 1st Blaauwberg Sea Scouts 29/20 1st Monte Vista 72
3rd 1st Milnerton Sea Scouts 29/19 1st Blaauwberg Sea Scouts 71
4th 1st Table View 22/0 1st Table View 70
5th 1st Factreton DNC 1st Factreton 66

Score Breakdown:

2016 – CW12 Catapult Competition