Training & Award Opportunities

A number of opportunities exist for a Rover to further their experience through additional formal training through Scouts South Africa, or by pursuing a personal Award of some sort. Many of the common options are listed below, follow the links for specific details.

Adult Training
Adult training courses are run throughout the year by Scouts SA’s Western Cape adult training team. The skills taught by these courses range from those needed to be involved in Scoutings youth programmes, to practical skills such as first aid training. While many of these courses are targeted at other adult members of Scout South Africa, the skills they train are often relevant and useful for Rovers.

Rover Trail – Advancement System
A personal advancement system for Rovers was recently reviewed and updated by the South African National Scout Council. The programme proposal can be viewed here. It consists of 5 levels, each aimed at developing young adults through different stages of their life.

Rover Proficiency Awards
Rovers have a number of proficiency awards they can attain, either as part of their Advancement, or out of interest.

Challenge Awards
Challenge Awards include a variety of technical of exceptionally challenging pursuits that are open to members of Scouts South Africa, the International Community or to adults outside of Scouting. They can offer that additional challenge to Rovers wanting to test themselves, and attaining one is a requirement of the B.P. Award.

Scouts SA Adult Recognition Rewards
Scouts South Africa Offers a series of rewards for Scouts, Rovers and Adult Leaders. The intention of these rewards are to recognize acts of exceptional service, heroism or long-term commitment to Scouting. Unlike the above awards, a Rover does not nominate him or herself, but instead is nominated for a reward by a peer.