Rovering in the District has a long history, starting in 1975 with the formation of the original CW12 District Rover Crew. Over the years, Rovers lost popularity, as young adults moved to more structured roles as Scouters in the mid-80’s. In 2007, with the new Rover programme on the horizon – 4 young adults reformed the CW12 District Rover Crew. This quickly grew and split into 3 distinct Crews – 1st Bothasig, 1st Table View and 1st Monte Vista.

Through a bit of trial and error, much experience was gained and we learned the place of Rovering in the 21st Century. These Crews grew in strength; 1st Table View and 1st Monte Vista claiming the coveted Hawkeye Trophy from more established Crews in the Southern Suburbs, and 1st Bothasig becoming the only Crew in the country to achieve every annual Gold Star Crew Award, cementing their position as one of the strongest Crews in the country.

With these new skills and experiences, the 1st Bothasig Rovers initiated the formation of a new and improved district crew – the Table Bay Rover Crew, formally to be incorporated on 5 January 2016. With new energy, and drawing from the ideas and enthusiasm of the 7 Groups in the Table Bay (CW12) District, this new Crew is going to rock!

Crew Colours:

The official Crew colours are a dark royal blue and a sky blue stripe on a battleship grey background. The 2 blues acknowledge the Sea and Air Scout Groups in our district, the royal blue symbolizing the waters of the Table Bay Atlantic, the sky blue representing the clear skies that give us the beautiful Cape Town Views. The dark grey acknowledges the districts 4 Land Scout groups Рwith the dark grey symbolizing the rocks of the Malmesbury Shale, the rock unit that underlies us, and holds up Table Mountain. These 3 colours, together with the 3 peaks of the Cape Mountains, are also a reminder of the 3 pillars of Service.