Personal Advancement System

As a Rover, you may opt to take part in an optional personal advancement program, recently implemented by the National Rover Advisory Committee. The purpose of this program is for the Rover Crew to be able to assist a young adult working their way through life – and in a South African context this is often a struggle that is not addressed. With members from all walks of life, it is hoped that Rovers can serve as mentors to each other as we all progress through life. In terms of the Rover Trail, this is broken down into 5 levels:

  • Personal Bar – The first step, where a young adult begins establishing themselves in life and gaining job skills.
  • Movement Bar – As a young adult begins to find stability, they can begin giving back to others withing the support framework of the existing Scout Movement.
  • Community Bar – The Rover now has their personal life on track, and can test their leadership and project management ability by giving back to their communities.
  • Leadership Bar – A senior Rover now has the opportunity to take on a leadership and mentorship role in the Crew to help other in they way he/she was assisted.
  • B.P. Award – A final challenge for Rovers wanting to demonstrate their full abilities.

Download the full Rover Trail here.