Level 4 – Leadership Bar

Leadership BarThe Leadership Bar is the last stage of a Rover’s advancement training, where all the knowledge and experience gained from the previous stages should be applied. Rovers attempting this Bar are expected to be at a senior level in the Crew, where they are established in life and ready to put themselves in a leadership role in the Crew. This leadership role should allow the Rover to gain interpersonal experience they may not encounter in their private lives, using the Crew as a platform. This is the last step a Rover takes before attempting their Baden-Powell Award if they so wish.

The requirements for the Leadership Bar are:

  1. Understand the functions of a Rover Scouter, Crew Chairman and Crew Council, or attend a Rover Chairman’s Course.
  2. Be the Crew Chairman for at least a year. In the situation where there is a large Crew, serve on the Crew Council (A large Crew is defined as where there might not be a possibility of being Crew Chairman. This must be endorsed by the Rover Scouter ).
  3. During tenure as Crew Chairman (or having an active role in the Crew Council in the case of larger Crews), attain a Bronze or better on the Crew Star Award system.
  4. Plan/Organize a Crew expedition, with the approval of the Rover Scouter. Minimum of 2 nights.
  5. Lead a discussion with the Crew on the status of the Crew. This discussion must be balanced and fair, and should cover advancement of the Crew, projects undertaken, future projects or targets, etc. Prepare an action plan for the Crew based on the discussion above. Present these goals to the Rover Advisory Council and District Commissioner.
  6. Achieve one of the Rover Awards that has not yet been attained from the previous bars.
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