Adult Training

Adult training courses are held throughout the year by Scouts South Africa’s Western Cape Adult training team. These courses are available to our Rovers, who have the option of attending any that they are interested in. SSA Western Cape keeps an updated calendar of these courses here.

Some courses that may be of interest to you:

Rover Leadership Workshop:
An annual workshop with training in leadership techniques, Rover Crew management and personal organization. A large portion of this course is a semi-social workshop where Rovers from all across the Western Cape can share ideas and gain knowledge.

First Aid:
An official level 3 first aid course, recognized outside of Scouting. Offered at a reduced rate for SSA members, it also trains attendees how to handle typical emergency situations that can occur in a Scouting environment.

Mountain & Water Awareness:
Basic short courses, teaching SSA’s policies, safety procedures and safety information for adults withing to run adventurous activities with kids.

Stage 1 (Permit Phase):
An initial course offered to adults who want to work with kids in Scouts South Africa’f framework. It teaches the essential policies that adults need to know (such as our vital Child Protection Policy) as well as the basics of how Scout Groups work.

Stage 2 (Warrant Course):
This is a more advanced course for adults who want to take their role in Scouting a step further. Holding a Warrant allows an adult to become a ‘Scouter’, and adult leader certified with the skills needed to look after a group of Cubs or Scouts. This course is more practical than the Stage 1 training, and involves learning and applying outdoors skills.