Kontiki Fringe Events 2016 – Star Wars

Once again, that time of year came around where Scout groups in the Western Cape pulled together their resources to take part in one of the most bad-ass competitions Scouting has to to offer – Kontiki. For those not in-the-know, Kontiki is an annual competition where troops have to build large rafts to float on Sandvlei. Teams of 6 Scouts have to overnight on these rafts and complete a variety of complex tasks, such as cooking a 3 course meal and building working go-karts.

This can be quite a huge undertaking – and it takes more than just 6 people to build these rafts I’m sure you can imagine. So what do the over 600 junior Scouts, parents and adult leaders do once their rafts have been launched? This is where we come in; by running the on-shore Kontiki Fringe Competition!

This year the theme for Kontiki was ‘Star Wars’ and the Fringe organizer, Devon, geared many of the activities to tie-in with this theme. However, we saw the return of many competition classics: Robyn and Matthew handled the slip-and-slide tug-o-war, Alan and Laura (from 1st Pinelands Rovers) took charge of the kneeboard relay races and Peter with a group of mixed volunteers took charge of the volleyball tournaments. A new major addition to the program was a large obstacle course, constructed by the team from the new 1st Camps Bay Rover Crew – with equipment donated by The Pole Yard.

Aside from the major tournaments, teams also had to complete some spare-time-activities (STA’s), the largest of which was to make 2 ‘working’ lightsabers and stage a battle of the light side vs. the dark. There was also a night orienteering exercise for teams to take part in, where they had to find various Star Wars related trivia questions hidden around the Sea Scout Base. Shanet and Peter were also responsible for running a ‘Star Wors’ braai competition for the parents and support teams who were there to help out.

Overall winners of the Kontiki Fringe competition were the 1st Bergvliet ‘A’ team and of the main Kontiki raft event, 1st Monte Vista. Full details will be made available at the event organisers discretion on their Facebook page.

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