DMT Work Log


  • Accepted 2 dumptruck¬†loads of dirt to fill terraces (clay-rich, top layer needs compost)
  • Levelled out damage to Scout hall lawn and spread lawn dressing over bald spots
  • Assembled view barrier for service area (needs to be mounted)
  • Cut last stakes for sprinklers
  • Filled irrigation trenches
  • *some concrete slabs were cracked by trucks


  • Installed 6x 10w LED floodlights for main field and connected to daylight sensor
  • Removed old floodlight above side door (in front cupboard now)
  • Repacked all maintenance supplies
  • Added switch to ceremonial light


  • Kitchen cleaned out
  • All irrigation leaks repaired and valves tested
  • *low pressure issues, need to clean sprinkler heads


  • Dug trenched for irrigation pipe from valve box.
  • Buried valve control wiring
  • Ran irrigation power cable into Milnerton storeroom
  • Shut off borehole pump (leaks in their store and trench pipe)
  • Connected all veggie garden sprinklers
  • Moved chairs downstairs for Lorraine
  • Mounted bird house in Cape Ash


  • Drilled holes in junk plastic crate for pipes and drainage
  • Set crate into ground behind scout store. Linked pipes.
  • Used spare concrete slab to cover valve crate
  • Measured to confirm that dumptruck (2.5m wide, 3m high) will fit through scout gateway
  • Visited Plattekloof Sentech construction site to arrange soil from Delon Curtis
  • Obtained Milnerton Cubs key from Gerrie


  • Connected Hunter irrigation controller to com wire in junction box
  • Adapted transformer to 3-core in junction box
  • Junction box sealed
  • Attempted to connect irrigation valves inside scout store, not enough¬†space to put pipes inside
  • Used some leftover wood to surround avocados


  • External power point connected outside kitchen window
  • Junction box mounted behind scout hall
  • Toilet leak reported to DMT


  • Replaced syphon membrane in ladies toilet
  • Cleaned dirt left in hall by Crew after CiC due to complaint


  • Denied soil donation by Reliance Compost


  • Assembled wooden planter boxes for vegetable garden
  • Added waterproofer to half the boxes
  • Weeded NE corner
  • Gave 3 old doors to a Freecycler
  • Gave old copper pipe to a vagrant


  • Assembled side panels for vegetable garden


  • Accepted delivery from pole yard and stacked beside hall
  • Completed irrigation shopping (sale at Brights)


  • Leak and valve repaired for ladies toilet