Scout Competitions

Scout & Cub Competition

The Table Bay Rover Crew organizes and assists as independent judges on a large number of high profile Scouting competitions – taking place on both the District (CW12) and provincial (Western Cape) levels. These competitions aimed and promoting the development of skills, camaraderie and teamwork in small groups, targeted at either Cubs (aged 7-10) or Scouts (aged 11-17). Rovers and young adults play a very strong role in organising these events and putting the skills we learned as kids into events that benefit the next generation.

Traditionally, there are 6 annual competitions in the district – and a multitude of smaller, more informal ones that appear more sporadically.

Annual CW12 District Competitions:

Roberts Trophy
Beaver Competition
CW12 Orienteering
CW12 Swimming Gala
CW12 Soccer
CW12 Catapult Competition

Annual Provincial Competitions:

Quinn Trophy
Kontiki & Kontiki Fringe
Edward Shield

Irregular Competitions:

CW12 First Aid Competition
The Golden Stave Pioneering Competition
Over-The-Coals Cookoff