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Rebuilding storm damaged structures at F.A.L.L.E.N. Angels Pet Rescue

Cape Town’s storms of the past week wreaked havoc on informal settlements, seaside communities, and temporary structures. Although grateful for the rain, we wanted to do our part to assist at FALLEN Angels again as we’d seen the damaged wrought there and knew they were short on hands.

A few of us headed through on Sunday morning with our toolboxes to see what help we could offer. During the storm, the ‘play area’ used by the 250+ dogs had been badly damaged, and the rain/sun shelter had been completely ripped out of the ground. It may not sound important, but for sheltered animals that spend most of their day confined to relatively small enclosures, having a large area to exercise is important.

During the day we were able to rebuild the entire framework and roof structure of the approx. 80 square meter shelter, redesigning the structure to better handle strong winds in the future. As with most of the facilities at FALLEN Angels, we rebuilt this using salvaged and recycled wood.

We also had the chance to take a Scout along with us who wants to do future community service there, and we’d like to encourage any other Scouts who are looking to take leadership of a project to consider FALLEN Angels. Feel free to contact us if you require their contact information.

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