Our Activities

Back in time, back to the playground

Our first Tuesday night activity program came about and our duty Rovers, Damon and Damian decided that as the schools were opening, it was high time the Crew experienced a bit of teambuilding – in the form of schoolyard games we haven’t played in years. Spinning-tops on the ground, striking Simba and Pokemon Tazo’s, Ingle-Angle and playing 4-Square were among the games we played. It was a good way to get the crew programs started as we had some fun before we get into the more serious things later this quarter.

Not only did we have fun and games, but Robyn also presented her Squire Challenge – planning and running awesome programs with children from the Greensleeves Safe Haven in the Eastern Cape. It was a very encouraging presentation, and the Crew is looking forward to doing more community work in 2017.

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