CW12 Swimming Gala 2016

2016 Gala (46)This Saturday afternoon, we once again had the opportunity to organize the annual Swimming Gala for the 7 packs and troops of the CW12 Table Bay District. This would be our first opportunity to run the event as the newly formed ‘Table Bay Rover Crew’, and we were looking forward to showing the district that we have value to offer.

The event kicked off just after lunch and we had a full turnout! The bleachers of Milnerton Primary School were packed with eager children and enthusiastic parents. We had a few twists to add this year, including the addition of spare-time-activities (STA’s) for those who were not swimming to complete – all based around the theme of the MS Winton Shipwreck in Table Bay. The weather was awesome, and we were set for a fantastic day at the pool.

2016 Gala (29)The competition with the Breaststroke events, beginning with the youngest Cubs and ending with the adult sections. We then moved on through the Freestyle races – and energy levels remained high! Boy they must have been feeding some of these eager kids Red Bull’s at the tuckshop. As we entered the egg-and-spoon races before interval (something for the youngsters to compete in), there was a rush of activity as parents and scouts alike began to finish up the first of their STA’s.

We were well on schedule, so the kids had a chance to enjoy and extra long interval (and we all needed some pool time in the heat). The first of the STA’s, a weatherproof, unique lighthouse made of recycled materials was presented and inspected. As the chaos of over 100 boisterous kids continued in the pool, the second STA, a DIY flotation aid made from balloons was inspected, and their seaworthiness was examined.

2016 Gala (17)At this point, the judges were noticing that the points were much tighter than previous years! The competition was intense!

Jumping right back into the events, some of the more technically challenging swimming styles came up, namely the Backstroke and Butterfly. Then the wet-t-shirt races began – these are races where the participants have to lie next to the pool, wet t-shirt spread flat in front of them and upon the blow of the whistle, don their t-shirt completely before swimming their lengths. The Freestyle relays for all ages then took place, gaining a lot of support and cheering from the bleachers.

2016 Gala (32)A final STA was then inspected – a wind-up elastic band/wind powered boat made of recycled materials and these were raced across the pool. After recovering the soggy cardboard, we ended the competition on a high note, with 2 piggy-back races for the Cubs and their parents.

We would like to thank everyone that assisted in making this event possible, without the volunteers none of this could happen. We are also incredibly grateful to the positive attitudes, words of thanks and the generally helpful attitudes of all the participants and spectators – you guys are all champs! Lastly, as always, thank you to Milnerton Primary School for being gracious hosts!

And last but certainly not least, well done to 1st Table View for winning the competition outright! You are the 2016 Champions!


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