Rover Proficiency Awards

Rovers have a number of proficiency awards they can attain, either as part of their Rover Trail Advancement, or out of interest. These include:

  • Arts & Culture Award – designed for those proficient in a cultural activity or hobby
  • Careers Award – for Rovers pursuing tertiary training or education
  • Civics Award – for those interested in researching social issues in their community
  • Community Service Award – for Rovers going above and beyond in their communities
  • Emergency Service Award – an opportunity for Rovers engaged in volunteer or professional service
  • Project Award – designed for Rovers wishing to leader/organise a personal project
  • Public Health Award – for those wishing to be of service in the health sector
  • Ramblers Award – this one is for all the eager hikers
  • Scoutcraft Award – for those with keen camping and outdoors skills
  • Scouter Training Award – for Rovers doing service as a Scouter
  • Sportsman Award – for Crew members actively engaged in club-level sporting
Download the full Rover Trail here.