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Roberts Trophy 2017 – ScoutX Mission To Mars Announcement

Good day astronauts,

In 1 months time, on 5 & 6 May 2017, it will be time for Scouts from all over to embark on a mission of discovery to our red neighbor, Mars. This mission will be no simple task, and you will be tested – but the ScoutX Space Agency believes that your Scout training has given you all the skills needed to survive on this alien world. The mission (code-named Roberts Trophy) will take you through astronaut training, space travel and survival on Mars. Are you ready?

Robert’s Trophy is a ‘scouting skills’ competition, where standing patrols of 6-8 Scouts compete in a variety of practical skills, hoping to take home the Robert’s Trophy. These skills are carefully selected so that all Scouts in your patrol, from Pathfinder to First Class, will feel tested. We encourage troops to please send their balanced, standing patrols and not teams loaded with seniors – in the spirit of Scouting.

Guests from outside the CW12 District and from Girl Guides are welcome to com compete for the parallel guest cup. Survival rates on Mars are low….so the more colonists the better.

Please read the attached team information letter, and not that entry forms and payments need to be made by 26 April at the absolute latest. Please email events@tablebayrovers.co.za to confirm your attendance.

Roberts Trophy 2017 Preliminary Info Letter Optimized




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