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ROVERS keen to travel and experience South Korea?

A great opportunity exists for an eager Rover. The SAPSC(Suncheon Asia Pacific Scout Center) has set new plan for the year 2017. The Korea Scout Association welcomes one lucky Rover who is Scouting skilled, enthusiastic and interested in the Korean culture.

How to apply:

  • The applicant needs to be between 18-30 years old, and is open to all male and female Rovers.
  • The applicant must be currently enrolled or have a completed tertiary level qualification from a recognized institution.
  • The applicant needs to a fully invested Rover and active within a Crew
  • The applicant needs to be able to understand and communicate in English and be able to teach the Scout methods and introduce your country’s culture.
  • You will need to have a valid passport and be able to travel from either the 1st or 2nd term dates below:
·         Term Arrival dates Departure dates
1stTerm2017 27 March 2017 After 22 June 2017
2ndTerm2017 Not confirmed Not confirmed

* The details of 2nd term will be updated soon.

What you get:

All members of the voluntary Staff receive the following while at the Center:

  • Indoor accommodation at the Center in a room usually shared with one other member of the Short Term staff.
  • All meals at the Center, both while at work and on days off (or money will be given to buy food).
  • Living allowance of USD 400 per month
  • Support fund for Travel (South Africa will be sponsored USD 600 the shortfall will need to be covered by yourself)
  • One day off per week
  • Staff field trip to nearby cultural sites at the end of the term, paid for by the Center.
  • Appropriate staff training, both in the first weeks and during the season as needed.
  • A full reference letter upon request at the end of the season, once the Staff evaluation has been completed.
  • A great time in a unique place!

The Center will supply you with some basic things while you are here, such as:

  • Staff Uniform
  • All bedding
  • Basic first aid items
  • Laundry facilities
  • Basic equipment for outdoor activities
  • Internet access at the office

Finally, the “magic of Suncheon” guarantee that, if you become a Greenie…

  • You will get three months of colorful experiences at the only truly International Scout Center in this galaxy.
  • You will have a fantastic possibility to travel, hike, bike, climb, and play in Korea.
  • You will make many new friends from many countries.
  • You will develop new skills in a multi -cultural environment, which future employers will find attractive.
  • You get to live in one of the most beautiful places in all of Korea.
  • You will participate in a unique system of Staff training designed by and for Scouts.
  • You will get satisfaction in knowing you are helping youth learn about Scouting and gain valuable skills.

If you are interested please submit the attached application form and email it through to before the 31st January 2017.



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