2016 Crew Year End Report

What a year!

As 2016 comes to a close, the Crew takes a moment to reflect on is biggest achievements, failures and challenges – and plan to improve and go forward on a stronger note in 2017. Below, find attached our year-end reports (confidential details removed of course). We’d also like to thank Shanet Rutgers, Damon Hope and Darren Erasmus for their service on the Crew EXCO for 2016. We’d like to wish Shanet Rutgers (chairperson), Damian Rule (denmaster), Damon Hope (treasurer) and Devon Bowen (administrator) the best of luck in leading the Crew in 2017.

Our Crews ‘big’ achievements:

Individual achievements:

  • Crew Awards:
  • Rover of the Year – Devon Bowen
  • Most Developed Rover – Peter Lowndes
  • Most Diligent Rover – Devon Bowen
  • Challenge Awards:
    • PLTU Challenge Award – Shanet Rutgers
    • Air Charge – Devon Bowen & Wesley Dawson
  • Advancement Awards:
    • Personal Bar – Damian Rule
    • Project Award – Devon Bowen
  • Thanks Badge – Michelle Hope

Crew Chairpersons Presentation:

TBR Chairpersons Presentation 2016

Rover Scouter & Treasurers Presentation:

TBR Rover Scouter & Treasurer Presentation 2016

Denmasters Presentation:

TBR Denmasters Presentation 2016

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