Winning Hawkeye Trophy 2016

The Hawkeye competition is the major competitive event for Rover Crews in the Western Cape, organised by our Regional Team Coordinator. This year, it took the format of an ‘amazing-race’ style roadtrip, with the theme ‘Dude Where’s My Trophy?’ Some fierce competition was to be had, as we went head to head with some of our big rivals – the Kanonkop and 1st Pinelands Rover Crews.

The event started at the Le Fut Vineyard in Paarl, with teams competing in a relay, where members needed to spoonfeed one another chocolate pudding, wash each others faces with a head-mounted sponge and dry them with a tissue after every spoonful – somehow managing to be both hilarious and daunting. Teams then had to make their way to various other bases, which included: Stopping at Victoria Dam to build the longest string-along sentences, having to endure a police interrogation at Gordon’s Rock Cave and that old Gauteng classic – shoe gold. At the Muelwater¬†Botanical Garden, we had to make a pizza (including a box) on a fire and deliver that, on foot, to judges waiting at the top of Paarl Rock and try to keep it warm at the same time!

We eventually, touched, tasted and smelled our way through a Paarl Kim’s Game and various other mini-challenges, before finally heading to Hawequas. Here we had to hand in the STA’s we’d had to complete, as well as take part in one final team-building challenge: Making a full sandwich meal….using only our feet! Nauseating, but super funny.

We ended the competition with some good vibes, overnighting at Hawequas and enjoying a good braai with our fellow Rovers from the other Crews. We are very proud to have worked well together as a team and being the overall winners! We enjoyed the competition a lot, and the other Crews put up a great challenge and we look forward to more of this in 2017!

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