Soup-making for the Salvation Army

2016-04-19 19.13.53This evening, the Crew met up at the Den to make some soup and food parcels,  to be given to the Goodwood Salvation Army to distribute to the areas homeless. The raw ingredients had all been supplied by anonymous donors, to whom we are incredibly grateful.

Shanet had the whole thing planned out – the Crew was divided into 3 small teams who were each given the same ingredients and equipment. We were then challenged to make 10 L of soup each as quickly as possible, including the chopping and grating of all the raw ingredients. There was a catch though, all teams were handicapped by having theirs hands tied to each other – making even a simple task like grating a turnip incredibly tricky.2016-04-19 19.58.38

By the end of the night we’d filled a 30 L container with soup, and packaged 180 jam sandwiches. We hope to continue this type of service again in the future.

The ingredients added to the soup were carrots, radish, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, parsley and soup mix packet.

We grated all the vegetables and added them together into a pot fill with water which was boiling in the pot. While everything came to the boil, we blended the chopped ingredients in the pot and added the soup mix for extra flavour. After the soup had cooled down we then filled a 30 L container with soup and delivered it to an officer of the Salvation Army.

2016-04-19 22.52.03

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