CW12 Catapult Competition 2015

On the evening of Friday 6 November 2015, the Table Bay Rover Crew had the opportunity to assist Terrance, the TS of 1st Table View, with the running of the annual CW12 District Catapult Competition. Specifically, we were there to act as impartial judges and to help keep everything running smoothly.

The format of the competition was really quite simple. The Scout Troops were to meet at the large field next to the Dolphin Beach hotel to begin construction of their catapults at 7PM. They were to construct these using only large pioneering poles, ropes and a metal container to hold the projectile. The catapult would have to be free-standing, and had to be fired by manually pulling a rope (no other elastic energy sources allowed). After a 2 hour build time, the troops would have the opportunity to launch 3 +-1kg flaming projectiles as far as they possibly could. These distances were recorded, and winners were selected based on the throw distance and construction quality.

And no, we did not cause the big Rietvlei fire – unlike the criminals who use fireworks dangerously and irresponsibly, we withe Scouts South Africa ensure all out activities are done safely and with proper emergency planning.

We’d like to congratulate 1st Table View, 1st Milnerton and 1st Bothasig for gaining the top 3 places respectively. Please view the full score breakdown on the CW12 District website. We’d like to thanks Terrance and 1st Table View for inviting us to help out and look forward to getting more involved in future.


For future record, this years rules were:

All pioneering poles and ropes to be brought along by each troop to build their own Catapult.

The minimum requirements are the following:

1. The structure to be at least 4 meters in height and constructed with pioneering poles and lashing ropes and built by the scouts. (the object holder should be made of metal to hold burning fire ball)

Marks will be lost not conforming to requirements.
2. The structures will be marked on the following:

a. Stability out of ten, less 1 point for other items used that are not pioneering poles and lashing ropes.

b. Correct lashings out of ten, less 1 for each incorrect lashing

c. Loose lashings out of ten, less 1 point for each loose lashing

d. Loose tails out of ten, less 1 point for each tail end hanging loose

e. Height out of ten, less 1 point for every 100 mm under 4 meters

Possible prizes for best construction and distance object thrown. (object about 150mm diameter about 1 kg and will be lit).

The design is totally open, the restrictions are that the main structure must be at least 4 meters high and put together with lashing ropes. (all done at the site).Terrance

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